Vision Plus


A: The Purple lettered Status 530/540’s have the amplifer built into the head of the antenna, whereas the Orange lettered Status 530/540’s have the amplifier built into the box in the cupboard. The performance capabilities are completely identical.

Please be aware that Orange/Purple units will not work together. The rule of thumb is that the lettering of the head of the Status 530/540 MUST match the lettering that is shown on the box in the caravan/motorhome.

A: Yes all Status directional aerials can be easily removed, please refer to your user guide for further instructions. If you have misplaced your instructions, please follow the link below for a PDF download.

Status 530 installation and operation guide.


A: Yes, the unit is angle adjustable up to fifteen degrees.

A: Yes, the 530/540 is designed to be permanently fitted to optimise its full benefits.

A: The 530/540 antenna is supplied with a plug or blanking cap as part of the customer pack.

A: Complete installation and operation instructions are supplied with each antenna.

Status 530 installation and operation guide.

A: The telescopics are for VHF reception abroad and FM radio.

A:Yes, the Status 530 and 540 are both wide band antennas and are ideally suited to recieve analogue and digital TV channels.