Vision Plus


A: Yes, the Pinnacle or the complete antenna dome, including cable, can be removed.

A: Yes, the Power Pack is designed to supply either 2 televisions or 1 television and a radio. The Status 315/330 is suitable for receiving FM radio channels. Please note that if your Status 330 has a VP2 amplifier it is not possible to receive FM radio.

A: No, only the Status Power Pack is compatible with the Status antenna.

A: No, the 315/330 can be mounted using the sucker feet that be purchased from our Antenna Accessories section or mounted onto any of the Vision Plus mast range.

A: A plastic plug or blanking cap is supplied with each unit when purchased.

A: Yes, the adapter on the antenna allows angle adjustability up to 22 degrees.

A: Complete installation instructions are supplied with each unit.

A: No, the coaxial cable is internally connected and the antenna dome is sealed.

A: Yes, the Pinnacle is essential for optimum performance, especially in vertical signal areas.

A: Yes, the 315/330 is a wide band antenna, although signal strengths and location will affect performance.

A: Yes, the sucker feet fixings and masts are not designed for use when on the move.

A: The 315/330 should be positioned away from obstructions and at the highest point where possible.