Vision Plus
March 18, 2021

RANGER – Rear View camera systems

Blind spots are a large contributing factor to motorhome collisions.

The height and length of many vehicles greatly inhibit the driver’s visibility. Driving positions, bulky bodywork panels and the absence of rear windows create further issues.

Rear view camera systems unquestionably assist
in reducing blind spots, thus preventing expensive vehicle damage and potentially saving lives.

The ideal solutions are the Vision Plus RANGER Rear View systems.

Why have a Ranger Rear View Camera?

See who and what’s behind you Reverse with more confidence Increase your vision on the move Reduce your blind spots

Day and night vision
Adjustable viewing angle
1/3” CCD chipset
Slimline connectors

Helps avoid collisions
Avoid costly body repairs
Potential for reduced insurance premiums*

*subject to your insurance provider