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STATUS 350 Omni-Directional Antenna (10m Coax) with VP2 Amplifier for Digital TV


The Omni-Directional 350 receives TV signals through 360 degrees using an electronic amplifier to boost signals.

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Our most successful omni-directional antenna with its distinctive profile, high quality, powerful performance and versatility ensures it remains the market favourite.

• Designed for digital television signals and FM radio* reception

• Receives horizontal and vertical signals through 360 degrees

• Incorporates a power amplifier with variable gain adjustment

• Standard fitting options, roof or mast mount with optional sucker mount

• Angle adjustable, allowing level mounting on a sloping surface

• Easily removable antenna dome

(For FM radio capabilities see Status 355)

TV 470-790 Mhz
FM Radio 88-108 Mhz (355 only)

Dimentions 315mm dia x 180mm

Coax Cable : 5 meters and plug

Product Code 04-2085/10/VP2