Vision Plus


A: Yes, as long as you are in a Freeview coverage area.

A: Yes, our aerials are wide band and therefore digital terrestrial compatible.

A: Yes, as long as you use a wideband aerial.

A: No, just a one off payment for your Set Top Box.

A: No, you can receive Freeview on a normal wideband television aerial using a Set Top Box.

A: Text your postcode to 83331
A: Visit the website at
A: Call Freeview on 08708 80 99 80

A: Read the reviews, the general opinion seams to be yes.

A: It is a small electronic box which is simply installed between your aerial and television, this box decodes digital signals.

A: Freeview is a new digital service which allows you to access up to 30 free television and radio channels.

A: Ask your local Caravan/Motor Home Dealer or contact Grade UK.

A: No, the licence fee is the same.