Vision Plus
Coax F Plug 6.0mm09-6066/6.01.10
Status 350/355 (Dome only 10m coax)10-2805/1059.96
Mast, Driveshaft & Winder Handle Assembly (with H/V Indicator) - 330mm10-2723/550/ASS28.29
Winder Handle & End Cap (with H/V Indicator) - Status 550/560/570/580 Use Only10-2695/550/ASS15.375
STATUS 580 - Aerial Dome only - 5m Coax10-2755/5/570FM/ASS89.96
Push on Angled F Connector09-60621.24
TV Fly Lead 90 degree Coax to Coax - 1.5m09-60392.29
Gearbox & Undercarriage - 530/540/550/560 Use Only10-2682/550/ASS31.625
Multi-Mast Lower Arm09-60763.29
Antenna LiteratureLIT1
Antenna Blanking Plate09-607312.46
Coax Cable with Coax Plug - 5m09-60415.79
Coax Cable with F Connector - 5m09-60425.79
Multi-Mast Upper Arm09-60753.29
Vision Plus Radio Antenna09-640019.955
Mast, Driveshaft & Winder Handle Assembly (with H/V Indicator) - 920mm10-2727/550/ASS32.46
Mast Ground Spike09-60872.46
Coax to Coax Coupler09-60641.24
Gaiter (inc. Foot & Sleeve) - Fixed10-2559/55013.71
Roof Mounting Assembly - Fixed10-2687/550/ASS22.46
F-Con to F-Con Fly Lead - 2m09-60382.29
Coax F Plug 7.0mm09-6066/7.01.104
External TV Antenna & Satellite Socket09-601815.79
Gaiter Only - Fixed10-25609.54
External TV Antenna Socket09-601613.29
External Satellite Socket09-601713.29
STATUS Blanking Cap (315/330/335/350/355)10-2505/21.625
Aerial-2-Mast Bracket09-60504.96
Coax Cable - 5m09-60444.125
Gaiter (Inc. Sleeve) - Angle Adjustable10-2559/ASS15.375
STATUS Wall Bracket (540/560/580)10-2692/ASS24.125
STATUS Blanking Cap (530/540/550/560/570/580)10-2505/31.625
STATUS Gearbox Mast O-Rings x 3 (530/540/550/560/570/580)10-2558/ASS2.46
M/Mast Locking Collar & Arm10-2853/ASS8.29
M/Mast Lower Bracket & Arm10-2856/ASS8.29
Coaxial Coupler09-60251.104
Roof Mounting Assembly - Angle Adjustable10-2687/ASS28.29
STATUS 570 - Aerial Dome only - 2m Coax10-2755/2/570FM/ASS85.79
Push on F Connector09-60611.24
Coaxial Plug09-60201.104
F to F Coupler09-60671.24
Flat Window Cable (F-Con to F-Con)09-60817.04
Status 350/355 (Dome only 5m coax)10-2805/557.46
STATUS Pole Adapter O-Ring (315/330/335/350/355)10-25562.46
STATUS Mounting Foot (315/330/335/350/355)10-2664/312.04
Status - Customer Contents Pack (315/330/335/350/355)10-270311.21
Male F to Male RF Coax Adapter09-60601.24
12v Cable & Plug09-75053.29